3 Reasons To Avoid Free Process Simulation Software

To understand the reasons why we should not use free process simulation software, we need to first examine what process simulation software accomplishes. Simulation is a process that imitates real-world phenomena by capturing the characteristics, behaviors, and functions of a system in order to mimic how it works. There are various kinds of simulations depending on their applications of use. Mosimtec’s simulation software solutions are particularly robust and powerful

Simulation for technical processes would primarily use process simulation software. This branch of simulation deals with the development, design, analysis, and optimization of chemical plants, power stations, manufacturing, chemical and environmental systems. Process simulation models complex chemical, biological and physical processes in software that need to be thoroughly coded into the program. Process simulation would then inevitably use software programs to carry out these simulations. There are free and paid free process simulation software available today. However, these free software have some few inherent problems as explained below.

Inadequate technical supported

Most free simulation software lack a reliable  technical support. Normally, technical support staff would provide assistance in the event there is a malfunction of the program and you as the user need quick assistance. As explained above, process simulation deals with complex technical operations. In certain areas such as power plants, errors in the free software program would have huge effects or repercussion. The options available for assistance in case something goes wrong would be writing an email to the developer or finding an online support help group which may not be very responsive. Additionally, free software developers may not keep the software up to date as well as increase compatibility with different operating systems.

Security Issues

Computers running free process simulation software are very likely to store a treasure trove of information. Valuable information is always a target for malicious developers. Malware or adware might be included in the software release with the intention of stealing information from a computer or server. Companies that run open-source software are at a higher risk of having their proprietary information stolen or hacked, potentially also leaking the personal information of others. Computer security issues and errors could possibly cost thousands of dollars for the company in losses or damages.

Potential lack of essential features

Free software will always suffer from lack of essential features. Some of the online user comments made on free process simulation software attest to this. Most common complaints and negative reviews are from users who feel that the software needs to catch up on features that are on similar paid process simulation software. Features you would need for most analyses such as non-linear materials, line loads, contact and restraints may be missing. The developer may also not be willing or available to do software updates. Moreover, the user interface in free process simulation software is usually not keenly designed, and you might get frustrated as you struggle to find out where certain functions are. Furthermore, these programs will almost always lack documentation which is an outline of how the software works and where to find each function.